The Tax Burden of Ever Changing Laws

By Raymond Erb

Is your company up-to-date on Payroll Tax Law Changes?

Ignoring changes to the payroll tax code can be costly. Keeping up with changes to the tax code can be even more costly in the form of time invested.

Payroll taxes are assessed by the federal government, states, and some localities. In addition to social security and Medicare, there is disability, unemployment and state and local taxes, and other burdens such as child care payments. Tax payments have specific schedules that may be different than your pay cycle. Also, tax reporting must be produced on-time and accurately. Produce the reports one day late and the penalties are painful. There are many tax filing forms that employers must correctly fill out and file. These forms change and keeping up to date can be difficult.

So what if you could forget these uncertainties and be penalty-free? Outsource your payroll. Have the experts at Easy Checks ensure you are in compliance.

Your company would benefit from outsourcing payroll.

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